Chinese Kosher Cooking

Chinese Kosher Cooking
Betty S. Goldberg
370 pages ~ 6 x 9
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About the Book

When Betty Goldberg began to explore the wonders of Chinese cuisine, she discovered that, with a bit of experimenting, authentic Chinese recipes could be transformed into splendid kosher dishes. Here, she presents hundreds of her outstanding recipes, with clear instructions on how to prepare them in the strictly kosher kitchen without sacrificing any of the Chinese taste. Also includes an introductory section that informs us how to select ingredients, how to plan a dinner, and how to become adept at specific cooking and serving techniques.

“An authentic, wholly intriguing masterpiece. A real treat to read.”
--Jewish Book World

“Kosher cooks interested in Chinese food are lucky to have a relaxed and engaging guide like Betty Goldberg. She has geared her recipes to American tastes but has kept the flavors authentic.”
--Library Journal

“One of our two favorite cookbooks.”
--The Jewish Week

About the Author

Upon graduating from the College of Home Economics at Cornell University in 1961, Betty S. Goldberg developed a fervent interest in Chinese cooking. She was soon planning and executing Chinese banquets for more than a hundred people, and everyone was so impressed with these dinners that she was determined to learn as much as possible about the art and intricacies of Chinese cooking. Before long, in addition to the courses she had been giving in Jewish, Mexican, and fancy dessert cookery, Mrs. Goldberg began offering classes in the art of Chinese cooking. Over the next ten years she gave private lessons to professional cooks, taught Chinese cooking at the Y, and demonstrated Chinese cooking techniques at local libraries, schools, and supermarkets. Betty Goldberg is also the author of Traditional Jewish Cooking and International Cooking for the Kosher Home.