International Cooking for the Kosher Home

International Cooking for the Kosher Home
Betty S. Goldberg
365 pages ~ 6 x 9
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About the Book

The author of Chinese Kosher Cooking here turns her attention to international cuisine, offering recipes from France, Mexico, Hungary, Spain, Russia, Morocco, and a score of other countries. She has carefully chosen the tastiest, most appealing dishes and adapted them for the kosher home while still preserving their authenticity. The hardcover edition of this title, originally published in 1988, is available on-demand only.

“A wonderful book for cooks who wish to make the leap into uncharted areas of kosher cuisine.”
--The Jewish Week

“An enticing collection that adapts international dishes to the American palate. Cooks following kosher guidelines will find new tasty dishes to enjoy. A most valuable book.”
--Publishers Weekly

About the Author

Upon graduation from the College of Human Ecology at Cornell University in 1961, Betty S. Goldberg’s fervent interest in cooking progressed from extensive entertaining to creating wonderful dishes of her own. She was soon planning and executing banquets for as many as one hundred twenty people, and before long she was teaching classes in Jewish, Mexican, and Chinese cooking. The success of Mrs. Goldberg’s classes led to the publication of her Chinese Kosher Cooking, and the success of that volume inspired her to continue the process of converting nonkosher recipes into splendid kosher dishes. The result is International Cooking for the Kosher Home. She is also the author of Traditional Jewish Cooking.