Drawing a Crowd

Drawing a Crowd

Bill Gallo, Phil Cornell
384 pages ~ 11 x 8 1/2
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About the Book

Featuring hundreds of gems that delight the eye as well as the heart, Drawing a Crowd brings together the best of the work of distinguished New York Daily News cartoonist Bill Gallo. Laugh, ponder, even shed a tear as Bill, Basement Bertha, Yuchie, and the rest of the Gallo cast of characters relive the most memorable sports moments of the past forty years and share some little-known things about some very well-known people. Here, you'll experience the magnificence of a Michael Jordan and the reticence of a Sandy Koufax, the fury of a Vince Lombardi and the dignity of an Arthur Ashe, the grace of a Nancy Kerrigan and the majesty of a Sugar Ray Robinson. In Drawing a Crowd, you'll also come to know the personal Gallo: the eleven-year-old who suddenly lost a father; the resilient young man who landed a job as a News copyboy; the Marine who saw comrades fall on the black sands of Iwo Jima; the gentleman's gentleman who has earned the respect and friendship of the greats of our time.

A voice of calm in a world of hype, Bill knows that the game is not about winning but about competing; that competing is not about thrashing one's opponent but about doing one's absolute best; that being a star athlete is not about amassing megabucks but about setting an example for our kids. No wonder, then, that Pete Hamill, in the foreword to Drawing a Crowd, writes: "Bill Gallo is Bill Gallo and there will never be another Bill Gallo."

Peppered with the artist's unique perspective, good-natured wit, and reminiscences on everyone from Ali to Joe D, Sinatra to Stengel, Torre to Trump, Broadway Joe to Johnny U, Drawing a Crowd demonstrates why Bill Gallo, long a New York secret, is truly a national treasure.

"When Bill Gallo was recently asked how long it took him to draw a cartoon, he replied, "Two hours and 40 years." Drawing a Crowd is a celebration of those four decades and Gallo’s uncanny ability to render sports stories into insightful, single-frame drawings....The sports world is richer for it!"
-- The New York Times

"This is a classic. If I could own only ten sports books--and I have hundreds--this would be one of them."
--Chicago Tribune

"This guy's cooler than Clyde. We know about his talent, but what about that character!"
--Walt Frazier, basketball star

"A rare talent!" --Chicago Sun-Times "The top sports cartoonist in the land."
--Los Angeles Times

"An engaging opus."
-- Library Journal

"A great book."
--Carmine Basilio, boxing champ

"Delightful and inspiring!"
--Rudy Giuliani, mayor of New York City

"I have been fortunate to have seen Bill Gallo's work for most of my life. No one does it better than he does. I advise any sports fan or fan of human nature to rush out and buy this book."
--Bobby Valentine, manager, New York Mets

"It's not just athletes who make home runs and touchdowns. Bill Gallo scores every time his pen touches paper. His knowledge of sports and his interpretations of the games and the players are incredible. Bill Gallo is a sports treasure. Drawing a Crowd is a feast for the eye and the heart. You have to read this book!"
--Mort Walker, creator of the "Beetle Bailey" cartoon

"Bill Gallo is a real talent. Besides being one of my favorite boxing writers, he’s also a good guy, and that comes through in this book!"
--Muhammad Ali, boxing legend

"Bill Gallo is a sports institution. What a treat to enjoy his work again and again through this book."
--Joe Torre, manager, New York Yankees

"If Bill Gallo lived in Spain, he'd be the national writer/artist authority on the bull ring. But his American audience wouldn't surrender him."
--Leroy Neiman, renowned artist

"Nobody can lay a glove on him!"
--Newark Star-Ledger

"Bill Gallo is a great artist, a great human being, and now the author of a great book."
--Mrs. Gil Hodges

"Drawing a Crowd is a gem!"
--Rod Gilbert, former New York Ranger

"Bill Gallo is able to condense a circumstance, a situation, or an event into one frame and make it crystal clear. He has had a positive impact on countless people across the generations."
--Dave Winfield, baseball star

"Not only is Bill a great artist, but a better human being".If Bill didn't invent sports cartooning, he sure did perfect it."
--Ralph Branca, former Brooklyn Dodger

"Bill Gallo is a unique man who can make you laugh even at yourself. This book is a must read, even for General Von Steingrabber."
--George Steinbrenner, owner, New York Yankees

"It has always been an honor working with the great Bill Gallo at the Daily News. But I am more than a colleague: Like everyone else, I am a fan, of both his pictures and his words. He is one of the giants of our business and has been for a long time. He is an artist and a storyteller and has been carrying on this wonderful conversation with our readers for half a century now. I am sure it will be going on long after I have retired. I know his pictures will live forever. I've always just assumed Bill will do the same."
--Mike Lupica, sports columnist, Daily News

"Imagine that you sit down for a good time chat with a friend who knows everything about New York sports--not just scores and stats but all the people, how they really are. He starts to talk and suddenly you can see them all, they take shape before your eyes. That's the magic act Bill Gallo has been running for almost fifty years. And the best of it all is remembered in this book. Draw up a stool and enjoy!"
--Richard Ben Cramer, Pulitzer Prize-winning author

"My only nagging problem with Bill Gallo’s body of work is that it didn't appear in our newspaper."
--Phil Mushnick, sports columnist, New York Post

"Bill Gallo went out and saw people he loved and talked to them, and came back and drew them and wrote about them in his quiet, wonderful, unobtrusive way. He never phoned it in on a reader once in his life."
--Jimmy Breslin, journalist and author

"Drawing a Crowd is as brilliant as any Gallo cartoon."
--Mike Katz, boxing columnist, Daily News

"No one on the sports scene today can capture that scene in words and pictures like Bill Gallo. No one, but no one!"
--Bert Randolph Sugar, boxing writer

About the Authors

Bill Gallo, the dean of the country's sports cartoonists, has contributed his unique brand of art to New York's Daily News for the past forty years. His illustrations have been featured in The Sporting News and other publications, and several have hung in the National Baseball Hall of Fame and Museum in Cooperstown, New York. The son of a newspaperman and a product of New York, Bill joinedThe Newsin 1941, but left to serve in the Marines during World War II. After seeing action in the Pacific Theater, including the invasion of Iwo Jima, he rejoinedThe News and went on to chronicle some of the most memorable dramas of our time, on the field and off. His knowing observations and good-natured sense of humor--often expressed through his playful cast of cartoon characters--have not only won him a loyal following among the "average guy" but also the accolades of his peers: He has won ten Reuben Awards from the National Cartoonists Society, and in 1999 was given that group's lifetime achievement award. His boxing columns have earned him the James J. Walker and A. J. Liebling Awards.

Bill Gallo and his wife, Dolores, reside in Yonkers, New York, and have two sons, Gregory and Bill Jr., and four granddaughters.

Phil Cornell has been a journalist for twenty-five years, working as a reporter, critic, editor, and freelance writer. He's been a sports fan even longer, having followed Bill Gallo's drawings since the 1960s. In 1993, Phil became a colleague of Gallo's at the Daily News, editing copy for the paper's features department. A native of New York City, he lives in Neshanic Station, New Jersey, with his wife, Diane, and children, Paige and Cameron.