Sabra Children:
Stories of Fun & Adventure in Israel

Sabra Children:<br>
Stories of Fun & Adventure in Israel
Azriel Eisenberg, Leah Ain Globe
252 pages ~ 5½ x 8½
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About the Book

An anthology of more than twenty-five exciting stories revolving about the lives of Israeli children. The authors are Israelis who witnessed the hardships of a young nation in the process of development. This title, originally published in 1970, is available on-demand only.

“An exciting collection of short stories written originally in Hebrew and translated into English expressly for this volume. . . . Pleasurable reading for American youngsters ages eight to twelve.”
--Jewish Exponent

“From the first story by S. Y. Agnon, with an Eastern European background, to the last by Yemima Tschernowitz, they bring us the picture of Palestine--Israel, a new land where discoveries of people and ways of living bring an added perception to the youngsters who read the book.”
--In Jewish Bookland

About the Authors

Dr. Azriel Eisenberg had a long career as a teacher, principal, and director of various Bureaus of Jewish Education. From 1949 to 1966 he served as executive vice-president of the Jewish Education Committee in New York, and from 1966 to 1968 he directed the World Council on Jewish Education. He is the author of many books for children.

Leah Ain Globe had a long career as a teacher, freelance writer, and artist. She was co-editor of the Bas Mitzvah Treasury and The Secret Weapon. All of her endeavors were a reflection of her love for children.