Mystic Trends in Judaism

Mystic Trends in Judaism
Arnold Posy
214 pages ~ 5½ x 8½
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About the Book

How were Jews able to survive centuries of deprivation and persecution? One factor was the belief in the tenet that “what is just is right.” Another was the relationship of the Jews to God as expressed in mystical writings. By evaluating the incalculable impact made on Judaism by Kabbalah, Messianism, Hasidism, and Zaddikism, this absorbing volume gives us a better understanding of the yearning of the Jew not only for personal evaluation, but for universal redemption. Originally published in 1966 and reissued in 1994, this title is available on-demand only.

“Man’s search for the Divine has taken many courses, and the emotional, soul-stirring element as found in the Hasidic movement has fired the imagination of many Jews in past centuries. Arnold Posy’s book helps us to understand Judaism in some of its periods of greatest stress, and is a valuable addition to the field.”
--Jewish Exponent

About the Author

Born on March 21, 1894, in Mogilev, Russia, Arnold Posy graduated from Mogilev’s rabbinical seminary and went on to have a distinguished career as editor of London’s Jewish Express (daily); The Milwaukee Jewish Voice (weekly); and American Jewish Life (monthly) and Yiddishe Shriftn (quarterly), both published in New York. He authored many books, including Israeli Tales & Legends, Holiday Night Dreams, and Messiah’s Chains.