The Musings of the Old Professor
The Meaning of Koheles

The Musings of the Old Professor<br>
The Meaning of Koheles
David Max Eichhorn
272 pages ~ 5½ x 8½
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About the Book

This original translation of, and commentary on, the Book of Koheles (Ecclesiastes) breathes new life into a one of the most challenging and often misunderstood books of the Bible. This title, originally published in 1963, is available on-demand only.

“Dr. Eichhorn has provided reason to rejoice over the wisdom of our ancestors to make room for Koheles in our Bible.”
--In Jewish Bookland

About the Author

In 1931, Hebrew Union College, in Cincinnati, Ohio, bestowed upon David Max Eichhorn the title of rabbi. He was later awarded a Doctor of Divinity degree and an honorary Doctor of Hebrew Letters degree. During World War II, Dr. Eichhorn served in Europe as a combat chaplain and was decorated for his efforts on the field of battle and in the liberated concentration camps of Germany and Austria. From December 1, 1945 to December 1, 1968, he served as Director of Field Operations of the Commission on Jewish Chaplaincy of the National Jewish Welfare Board. Dr. Eichhorn subsequently served as spiritual leader of Temple Israel, Merritt Island, Florida, and as Jewish civilian chaplain for the Kennedy Space Center complex. He was a frequent contributor to American Jewish periodicals and authored a variety of books.