Great Sects and Schisms in Judaism

Great Sects and Schisms in Judaism
Reuben Kaufman
244 pages ~ 5½ x 8½
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About the Book

This compact yet comprehensive volume analyzes the many cults and sects that have arisen from Judaism. In twenty-three chapters, Rabbi Kaufman surveys the long continuum of Jewish history, with proper emphasis upon the more contemporary denominations, movements, and philosophies. This title, originally published in 1967, is available on-demand only.

“Rabbi Kaufman not only knows his material, but also how to transfer his knowledge to the printed page. He is one of the not-too-many who really know how to write.”
--In Jewish Bookland

About the Author

Reuben Kaufman was editor and publisher of the American Jewish Post, a weekly newspaper published in Paterson, New Jersey. He was ordained a rabbi by the Jewish Theological Seminary of America and served in the active rabbinate from 1919 to 1965. During World War I, Rabbi Kaufman served as Acting Chaplain, AEF, in Le Mans, France.