Affronts Insults & Indignities

Affronts Insults & Indignities
Morris Mandel
180 pages ~ 5½ x 8½
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About the Book

When the occasion arises to engage in verbal combat with your doctor, lawyer, tax collector--not to mention employer, spouse, or next-door neighbor--you might do well to arm yourself with some of the pointed phrases, crowning jokes, cynical gags, artful barbs, and subtle roasts contained in this provocative and entertaining collection. This title, originally published in 1975, is available on-demand only.

About the Author

A graduate of St. John’s University and Brooklyn College, Morris Mandel is a diplomat of the Alfred Adler Institute of Individual Psychology. He has had a long career as a teacher, guidance counselor, psychoanalyst, newspaper columnist, and lecturer. His published works include Stories for Speakers, Story Anthology for Public Speakers, and Advice to the Lonely, Frustrated and Confused.