The Shirley Temple Scrapbook - Updated 2017 Edition

The Shirley Temple Scrapbook - Updated 2017 Edition
Loraine Burdick
312 pages ~ 81/2 X 11
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About the Book

They called her "Little Miss Miracle." With the wink of an eye and a dimpled grin, Shirley Jane Temple brightened smiles, melted hearts, and set toes a-tappin'. Born the year before the Great Depression, indescribably adorable Shirley was just what the world needed to lift itself out of the doldrums. She was, said Irvin S. Cobb in presenting Shirley a special Oscar in l935, "the world's greatest gift of joy and happiness."

Lifelong fan and renowned collector Loraine Burdick has compiled this treasure chest of memories of the irresistible youngster with the fifty-two perfect curls. Featuring never-before-published photos, glorious portraits, and rare publicity pieces, The Shirley Temple Scrapbook takes us into Loraine's very own magical place dubbed "Shirleyland."

The Scrapbook chronicles Shirley's stellar career, from her start in the Baby Burlesks to her standout performances in such films as Bright Eyes and Captain January. We become privy to how Shirley became the first toddler to promote the film industry; why her hand-holding song-and-dance routine with Bill "Bojangles" Robinson in The Little Colonel was considered so controversial; and what made her shine among Hollywood legends Ginger Rogers, Claudette Colbert, Cary Grant, Rudy Vallee, Gary Cooper, and Carole Lombard--to name just a few!

Loraine Burdick's valentine to Shirley Temple invites us to relive, or perhaps discover for the first time, some of the most glorious films of the twentieth century, sneak a peak at the styles of the day, and get a realistic view of Shirley's personal and professional thrills and disappointments on the road to fame. Complete with plot summaries, cast lists, and hard-to-find tidbits, The Shirley Temple Scrapbook is a must-have book of love that captures the magnanimous spirit of a celebrated personality who enraptured us all.

"This thick hardcover book will please both Shirley fans/collectors as well as those who know her only from videos and her films. . . .There's so much careful detail, so many sidelights from vintage sources that it paints a verbal and visual picture of both Shirley the legend and Shirley the diverse human being. The photos and material cover Shirley from babyhood to the present day, with many rare and unusual images from Loraine's collections. . . .The only problem? It's so fascinating, you'll wish there was more!"
--Rita Dubas, Shirley Temple Collectors' News

About the Author

Loraine Burdick began collecting Shirley Temple memorabilia when she was a youngster in Seattle, Washington, and today her collection is one of the most extensive in the world. She is the author of thirty books including Shirley Dolls and Related Delights, Folio of Shirley's Dolls, Shirley's Christmas Toys, Shirley's Doll's, Shirley's Toys, and an earlier version of The Shirley Temple Scrapbook.

Ms. Burdick has contributed photographs, feature articles, stories, and poems to such magazines as American Collector, Parents' Magazine, Jack and Jill, Antique Trader, and West Coast Peddler. Since 1966, she has written and published Celebrity Doll Journal, a reference for collectors of paper items, toys, dolls, books, films, and related items.

As a young woman, Burdick spent six years with Presbyterian missions in Alaska and taught first grade in the village of Angoon. When not writing or collecting, she somehow finds time to volunteer at a local nursing home in her native Washington, as well as sing in the church choir, play piano, and participate in the Wednesday jamboree.